by Jawbreaker Reunion

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originally released on THE LE SIGH Vol. II tape

the rest of the compilation can be found here:


woke up this morning and you were gone
just another dumb-fuck love song
but there's no chorus that i want to sing
you know me, i didn't have the time
tore apart tea leaves to demand a sign
they said "oh jesus, did you learn nothing?"

when you go quiet
the ringing in my ears gets louder
white noise knuckles
would someone please just cut the power?
melody's truncated, broke a string
nothing left but the echo and the screaming


it's all a wonder, it's all sublime
an empty locket laid into grime
is there one picture where you don't look miserable?
my heart is stitched right on my vest
yours is locked up in your chest
beats once synced, now they're out of control

when you go quiet
the ringing in my ears gets louder
white noise knuckles
would somebody just cut the power?
story's truncated, pen out of ink
every letter spelling out to someone screaming


my face is cold like the ice in the freezer
mechanical and sterilized and clear
and your arms are strong, but they can't hold me forever
in sickness or in stormy weather, not now not here
so give me back my old t-shirt, and give me back my name
i'm sorry that it came to this, i'm sorry that i stayed
left to your own devices--hallowed be their names
the nausea in my stomach is more feeling than you ever, ever gave



released April 4, 2015
thanks tom for recording this



all rights reserved


Jawbreaker Reunion Annandale On Hudson, New York

"Deception is the weakest form of misandry."

Lily: vocals, guitar
Dre: vocals, drums
Bella: vocals, bass

Bard College

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